Fuji San

Fuji San3

This iconic place was “a must” on my list of places to visit. I have dreamed about this place, I have read about its magnetic pull, a place which stimulates your visual curiosity and your heart. A sine qua non condition when traveling to the Sunrise Country.

Fuji San2

I regret my stay was too short. I only walked along the Kawaguchiko Lake‘s border, hoping the clouds, the light will let me make some better photographs. This place is filled with peace and the vastness of awareness .

Kawaguchiko Lake1

It wasn’t the ideal moment of the day to capture the impressive Mount Fuji and its peak it its full greatness. But I really enjoyed my long walks – the fact I was there, to capture in my spirit the amplitude of this symbol, was one big wish that came true.

Fuji San1

I know one day I will come back, as a gentle consequence of the vastness that Fuji San left me to carry in my soul. There are many things, feelings, left unexplained. I guess this place is a miracle and miracles have to be lived, not explained. Can’t wait to dive into the magical, marvelous feeling that is climbing Fuji San. Pure contemplation!

Kawaguchiko Lake2

All photos and text – © Sebastian Boatca 2015 / http://www.sebastianboatca.com




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